Affordable Career Switch Tips

A career switch doesn’t have to be expensive. In the first part of this article, we discussed that not all traditional or online education programs can eat up your savings or take ages to finish. Here are some other affordable career switch options.


Make use of blogs, webinars, and podcasts


Cyberspace can be a good learning environment. Aside from online undergraduate degrees or online graduate programs, free educational tools like blogs, webinars, and podcasts are offered by industry experts and organizations. Though it takes the time to search for them, the effort will be worth it since these educational media are free.


Read up


There are e-books that you can acquire online. But if you prefer something more traditional, you can buy trade and guidebooks online. With these, you can study industry terms, procedures and other basic knowledge on your own. Even if you’re not earning a formal degree, the added knowledge and insight can help you determine career and life goals. The information can also help you choose the best education program for you.




Volunteer work is a great way to learn new skills and gain experience. Volunteering can also build up your resume. Remember to emphasize skills that are beneficial for your career switch.


Choose the Right Accomplishments to Put On Your Resume


Hiring managers these days are very meticulous about people they hire. Your resume can make or break your attempt to get a job with a company. Here are some tips for writing achievements or accomplishments in resumes.


Must be notable


Any achievement or accomplishment in your resume should be one of the following: truly noteworthy, relevant to your goals with company and recent. In other words, while you may have been a star member of the track team in high school, if you’re 25 years old and applying for a job in advertising, it’s not exactly something you should emphasize in your resume. For the same reason, do not put in any achievement that is only about the basic requirements of the job, or what can be considered as average work.


Should be quantifiable


Instead of saying that you “were the most trustworthy employee in the company,” “are the one that clients contact first,” or “are the most reliable agent on the floor,” describe your accomplishments in detail, with measurable facts to support them. If you can’t back your claim, then you can come off as arrogant.


Related to your work


Recognition, honors and awards from professional organizations, associations and publications related to your line of work should be in your resume. The town record for eating the most slices of pizza in thirty minutes or newspaper recognition for putting a plastic cow on top of the town hall are dubious accolades at best.


Reads well


Always check your resume for errors in grammar or spelling. This is particularly true for any job field that requires precise wording or professional-level writing skills.