Going For A Graduate Program

I think you have to write about your education and job experience because they they’re gonna see the holes in the years and I don’t know what your work was it is related to your major or not if it’s related then definitely you can use it to show how you’re more prepared or something but if it’s not that you can just explain your so I think that can be more compelling because it’s really hard to go back to graduate school after doing work real life work for years so I think that doesn’t that shouldn’t stop you but you need to explain it Bastardo in China your name who Calvin Martin Johanna konta one has an answer tonight of the war hey you know there’s almost an avocado market annual autumn day the mission is to consume costly car for so to give a 30 podium Ricardo in 2002 and robot doriga Rockaway okay probably begin with the deficit so let us start tomorrow okay. Learn how to prepare yourself for graduate program at Robotdon.

The guy when you’re ready in another youniverse job work express the question if you have graduated if you’re going for a PhD or another graduate program yes so I’m already so if I have more relevant experience from my master’s program I rather focus on graduate committee yeah because they then you have like sort of a lot more details to talk about and you know you’re are you going to you say you’re going to PhD program or another to graduate I think that would is that it’s better to focus on more recent stuff because it’s studies you know activities you’ve just done and yeah it just makes more sense you can use it in your background it’s almost like you stepped on another level that you can say way back into my undergraduate they said this person is talked about when they were a child you can say you know this is the but mostly focus on graduate work yeah I think the ph.d program is like the level is so high [Music] another you know decrease criminal Salonika nobody sometimes even an entity they prompt election yeah from to Garbo program a little you’d have a you don’t need it on the myosin protein oh I don’t need you guys you what you don’t get that I make it home for execution and a romantic a frontage job as well it’s hygienic.

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