How To Create Resumes Without Struggling

You are struggling with creating your resume.  You have looked it over, completed a spell check of the document and you’re ready to go.  At least you thought you were.  You send it out to about 20 different companies.  However, within the past few weeks, you have not seen one correspondence or phone call.  You would really like for your telephone to ring and not just once either.  You want your phone to ring off the hook.  In fact, you are eagerly anticipating that call.

That call…what is that call?  That call is a call from a prospective employer.  You are looking for a job and you want some or at least one of them to call you.  However, that remains to be seen.  Now you start to backtrack and look at your files.  You look at all of the resumes you sent out.  They were all spelled correctly and used proper grammar.  So what’s the problem?

Then you decide to take your resumes to an essay checker service.  Maybe they can help you, or at least that’s what you wanted to believe.  You get a batch and pay hundreds of dollars for the service.  A week or two later after distribution, you have not heard anything.   Why?  You and the person at the resume service proofread everything to make sure it was correct.  So what was the deal with this?

Now you have spent hundreds of dollars on job hunting and you have absolutely nothing to show for it.  Why?  Well, it seems like this resume service creates some of the same resumes for everyone.  Therefore unknowingly put yourself back in with the status quo.  That is not where you need to be.  Your resumes need to be of exclusive quality and wording where a prospective employer can’t help but to say yes.

You phones would be ringing so much that you would need help just to answer them.  Nowadays, having so many people applying for jobs, you really have to be on the cutting edge of things.  That means formatting and working your resume differently and just things that your normally would not do otherwise.  Leave the resume service alone.  Stop spending hundreds of dollars for something that is clearly not working for you.

In fact, your resumes doesn’t have to be an all day or night thing.  Just make some tweaks here and there.  You have to stand out if you want to be in the number of the few that get calls for interviews.

There is nothing more frustrating than continuing to struggle for months only to reach a dead end.  Once you hit that point, it can be difficult to start moving.  However, you can find the keys to open up the doors and make your phone ring.  Don’t be like those who don’t have a clue as to why they are not getting interviews.

Remove yourself from the status quo mentality and rise above that.  Otherwise, you can end up just like those other thousands of people that are still looking for work because they didn’t write their resumes in the right way.